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Bariatric&Metabolic common questions and answers

Q1:When can I resume work after weight loss surgery?
Answer:The postoperative hospital stay is usually about 2~3 days. During the first three weeks after the surgery, it is important to pay attention to daily water and protein intake, as well as adjusting the diet. Generally, it is not recommended to work during this period until your diet and life routine has been adjusted back to normal.

Q2:Can I exercise after receiving weight loss surgery? When can I exercise?
Answer: It is recommended to get out of bed on the first day after surgery, starting with a simple walk. Regular exercise is very important to maintain weight loss. It is also recommended to begin low-intensity exercise (such as walking) shortly after the surgery, and gradually increase the intensity of exercise after one to two months.

Q3:If I have had abdominal surgery before, can I still have laparoscopic weight loss surgery?
Answer:Most patients who have had abdominal surgery can still undergo laparoscopic weight loss surgery. However, if the patient has severe admonial adhesion, further assessment from the doctor is necessary and it is likely to be done through laparotomy surgery.

Q4:I have diabetes, does this increase the risk of the surgery?
Answer:Diabetes in fact increases risk of surgery yet most diabete patients have some improvement with their sympotoms. Please discuss with the doctors to further understand the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery.

Q5:Can I get pregnant after weight loss surgery?
Answer:Weight loss surgery is thought to improve the infertility problems caused by obesity in some women. Women who have fertility problems due to obesity may begin regular ovulation after several years of the weight loss surgery, but it is highly recommended to avoid pregnancy within 18 months of surgery. Please discuss your pregnancy plan with your doctor.

Q6:Will I have extra skin after losing weight? If so, what should I do?
Answer:Yes, you may find excess skin on your limbs and abdomen as you start to lose weight, the extent of excess skin also depends on the amount of weight lost, age and smoking habits. Sometimes these extra skins will disappear eventually. If these extra skins still exist one to two years after weight loss surgery, these skins can be removed by plastic surgery.

Q7:Do I have to take additional vitamin supplements after receiving weight loss surgery?
Answer:Yes, we recommend that you take vitamin supplements after weight loss surgery, especially for patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Our medical team will regularly monitor the amount of vitamins in your body.

Q8:Will I expereience hair loss after weight loss surgery?
Answer:It is common to have hair loss problems during first 3 to 6 months after the surgery. This issue can be improved by taking sufficient protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Q9:Do I have to be on diet before weight loss?
Answer:Yes. It is recommended that patients start dieting 2 to 3 weeks before the surgery (limited to liquid diet and 800 calroies daily). The reason is to reduce liver volume and accumulation of abdominal fat, which contributes to safety during the surgery..

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