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The center was officially established on January 4, 2019, helping people that are overweight to successfully lose weight through several high quality, fast recovery services such as weight management and weight loss.
Our center has invited one of Taiwan’s weight lost surgery authority Professor Ming-Shian Tsai and his team to plan and integrate multiple medical chains including weight loss surgery and recommend advanced medical surgical equipment, to provide comprehensive health weight management service.
We also created the body health medical team to provide safe and high-quality medical services in addition to Professor Tsai’s team, which includes professional consultations and evaluations of specialists in gastroenterology, anesthesiology, Chinese medicine, psychology, and metabolism, and experienced nutritionists to create healthy personal nutritional diet.
Furthermore, for best client follow-up services, there are also professional case manager that are caring and patient to track the pre- and post-operative status of the clients in the spirit of holistic health care.

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