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Appointment Process
Registration Information
  Registration Information
Telecommunication with automatic voice system
Telecommunication with automatic voice system:
Phone Number: 07-3541460、3541468
ON-SITE Registration:
  Morning Clinic:until 11:00
Afternoon Clinic:until 16:30
Night Clinic:until 20:00
Time limit that register: All book registering acceptably in 30 days.
The precautions:
  1. If you have no clinic time table of jiannren hospital on hand, Please utilize the function 5 of registering in pronunciation inquire doctor See and examine time.
  2. Want to cancel the reservation and register,please utilize the pronunciation to register and cancel the reservation before going to a doctor 9:00 of evening before that day.
Object:The return patient
Registry by operator via telephone
Registry by operator via telephone:
  Monday ~ Saturday
Am 08:00 ~ 10:50
Pm 14:00 ~ 20:20
Phone Number: 07-3511866
Object:The return patient
Internet Appointments
Internet Appointments
Network open hour: 24 hours
Object:The return patient
Walk-in Appointments
Walk-in Appointments:
  Monday ~ Saturday
Am 07:30 ~ 11:50
Pm 13:30 ~ 17:20
Object:The return and New patient
高雄市楠梓區楠陽路136號 總機:073517166 人工掛號:073511866 電話預約掛號:073541460‧3541468
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