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Appointment Process
Registration Information
  Appointment Process
First-Time Appointments Return Appointments
1.Walk-in Appointments 1.Walk-in Appointments
2.Internet Appointments
3.Telephone Appointments
Please carry the National health insurance IC card and ID card、children need to take the famous book of registered permanent residence and the foreign personage takes the passport or the residence permit ,accept registering to the counter.
1. Person who making an appointment and registering comes late Will postpone 3 numbers And successively arranged to see and examine according to the time of registering.
2.Is it register latecomer to make an appointment, postpone one, and according to time of registering successively, arrange to see and examine.
Patients go to clinic, department or physician and get their National Health Insurance Card stamped.
Physician sees patient and makes out a prescription.
Return to the Counter Area at front and Go to the Cashier to pay the bill.
Receive medicines
1.For appointments on the first floor, go to the first floor pharmacy.
For required tests and examinations,
1.For same-day testing and examinations, the patient will go to the appropriate department, clinic, or physician as shown on the patient’s receipt.
2.Tests and examinations by appointment.
For internet appointments, the computer will give the dates and locations of the tests. Simply follow its instructions.
For all other appointments, report directly to department or clinic and register on site. You will receive a number.
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